Kylie Jenner, Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods All Spotted at Same Nightclub

Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson were all reportedly seen in the same night club this weekend, and probably not on purpose.

Jenner and Woods were both at a club called Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on Friday night. They were there celebrating the birthday of their mutual friend Stassie Karanikolaou, and Thompson ended up there as well.

On Instagram, Jenner showed that she drove to the club with the birthday girl. She even referred to Karanikolaou as her "bestie," which some fans took for a shot at Woods. Meanwhile, Woods was at the party as well, according to a report by TMZ.

(Photo: Instagram @KylieJenner)

Jenner was joined by her sister, Kendall Jenner as well, and they posed for selfies in the neon-lit club. The model wore a low-cut black dress and a full compliment of her Kylie Cosmetics makeup products.

By contrast, Woods avoided cameras and did not post from the party. She was photographed leaving in a car with her friend Jaden Smith at the end of the night, but she hid her face behind two raised middle fingers, sending a strong message to the paparazzi.

Finally, Thompson was reportedly in the club too, although it is unclear whether or not he was there for the birthday party. It could be that Thompson, Jenner and Woods all avoided each other successfully, but there is no way to know for sure. Karanikolaou's party included a private VIP section, so Jenner and Woods may have been thrust together at some point, at the very least.

It is still hard to tell where things stand between Woods and Jenner. The two were practically joined at the hip a few short months ago. They were not just best friends but bound in ceremony, as fans saw on the Life of Kylie TV show. There, Jenner and Woods vowed their dedication to each other in a kind of "friendship marriage" on a trip to Peru.

These days, the two are never seen together and are silent on the status of their relationship. They were seen getting breakfast together back in March, but since then have avoided each other, and apparently continued to disentangle their lives.


A recent report by Us Weekly suggested that Jenner and Woods were on the "road to recovery" in their friendship. An insider said that Jenner was maintaining a "separation from Jordyn" to help everyone "heal" — including her own family. Meanwhile, they said that Woods was grateful for the chance to show the world that she is more than a Kardashian-Jenner orbital persona.

"Jordyn has been trying to show the world that she isn't riding on the Jenner-Kardashian coattails any longer," another source told the outlet, "and that she's doing her own thing and living her life comfortably."