Kylie Jenner Says She's 'Most Likely' to Have a Baby Next

Is Kylie Jenner planning on having another baby? According to a recent YouTube clip, she's not ruling it out. In a fun game called "Most Likely To" on her Youtube channel, Jenner featured herself alongside some of her closest friends, Victoria Villarroel, Anastasia Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer, as ladies participated in a candid game.

Before they got started, in the video Jenner made it clear that her team picked out a random handful of questions that they were not informed on going into the hilarious segment, so each person had to answer honestly. How they would answer is by holding up cut out pictures of each person after each question as to who they think fits the answer best.

"I brought my best friends to come play a game with me," she started the video before introducing her best friends. "We have all of our heads printed out, we just picked random photos, we had no idea what they were gonna choose. ... We don't know what the questions are so that's gonna be fun."

Not long after the game started, the question "most likely to have a baby next" popped up as Jenner read that one out loud, then proceeded to hold up her own picture, as well as, Palmer's. The other two agreed as Karanikolaou laughed and said, "One of you," while Villarroel chimed in with, "We're not done drinking yet."

Another candid question Jenner was chosen as the answer for by all of her friends was "most likely to get injured while drunk." Jenner laughed and said that one of her nails was glued on after breaking it the night before. The Kylie Cosmetics founder also revealed that she's a woman who's always on time after one of the questions asked was "most likely to be late to an event." Her friends were quick to throw her picture up but she was in shock and explained that she's always on time. The three ladies quickly agreed with her.


When the question "most likely to forgive a cheating partner" was presented, Jenner was quick to respond with "F—k that, next question."

While Jenner feels she may be the next one out of her friends to have a baby next, her mom Kris Jenner can agree. When she was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen DeGeneres asked her who she thinks out of her daughters will give her another grandchild next, and she suggested either her eldest, Kourtney Kardashian, along with Jenner or potentially Kendall Jenner. Kendall is the only one of Kris's children to not have a child yet. The supermodel has been pretty open in the past of how she would one day like kids but for now, she is enjoying being an aunt.