Kylie Jenner's Baby Bump Spotted Months Ago, Prompting Conspiracy Theories

Apparent proof of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy has emerged — and it's prompting some serious conspiracy theories from fans.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians sister has been avoiding the public eye since reports of her pregnancy with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott emerged in September, neither confirming or denying the sea of rumors.

But on Tuesday, a photo by an amatuer paparazzo from Snapchat emerged, showing the reality personality at best friend Jordyn Woods' birthday party in September, judging by the decor surrounding her.

The blurry photo showed a woman who looks like Jenner standing outside Woods' party in a gray baggy sweatshirt, still with a sizable baby bump poking through.

It is unclear whether the photo is unaltered or if the person in it is actually the youngest KarJenner sister, though eagle-eyed followers have confirmed Jenner was wearing a gray baggy sweatshirt at the party. Still, fans have blasted the three-month-old image to viral status this week.

Twitter user @salruffino looks to be the first to publish the image, though he does not take credit for snapping the picture.

"Honestly God bless whoever papped this photo of pregnant Kylie Jenner [because] now it can end this ridiculousness," he wrote alongside two photos. "ALSO its kinda cute that she's keeping this sacred and precious, shows she's really taking it seriously. She doesn't owe any of us any information about her baby."

The fan was right about one thing: she doesn't own anyone information about her baby. But as for hoping the "ridiculousness" would end, he was dead wrong.

The candid photos led fans to conjure up even more conspiracy theories based on the photo's timeline and the size of her bump.

With a full bump in September and no signs of her lower body in recent weeks, some fans have predicted Jenner has already given birth to her child.

Jenner did step out for an appearance at Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Eve bash, hitting the photobooth with pregnant sister Khloe Kardashian and boyfriend Travis Scott. In every shot, though, she's cut off just above her belly.


Is that because she's sporting a baby bump? Sources from the party said Jenner was rocking her pregnancy "away from the cameras" during the holiday bash. But even with that information, some fans are convinced she's already holding her little one.

At this point, fans can only hope Jenner's New Year's resolution is to give KarJenner followers some answers.