Kylie Jenner Says It's 'Hard to Manage Mom Life and Work Life' in Baby Stormi Video

Kylie Jenner is giving her fans an up-close-and-personal look at life with baby Stormi.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 21, shared a new video to her vlog Monday details a day in her life, starting at 5:50 a.m. with 16-month-old daughter Stormi, whom she shares with rapper Travis Scott.

"I said that I was going to start this vlog a lot earlier, but I slept with Stormi last night," Jenner tells the camera at the start. "She woke me up at 6, wouldn't stop crying — it wasn't the time to grab my camera and start filming."

Laying out her plans to meet with sister Kendall Jenner and mom Kris Jenner before attending a surprise birthday party for friend Ariel Tejada, Jenner revealed that Stormi managed to go back to sleep until 9 a.m., when she ventures into her nursery to reawaken her for a big day at a farm with her cousins.

"Hi, Mommy looks crazy right now," Jenner told her little one, who looked thrilled to see her.

After Stormi's big day with family, she reunited with her mom for some business meetings, playing in a tot-sized car and dancing with her mom while attending meetings alongside Jenner.

Bringing her daughter with her to work is one way for the makeup mogul to help with the challenging balance of being a working mother.

"It's hard to manage mom life and work life sometimes," she added. "So that's why I made her a bedroom here so she can be with me and still have fun."

Sitting on her mom's lap during a meeting for her Kylie Skin line, the reality personality explained, "Stormi is in all my meetings, she really is."

Giving fans such a close look at her life is nothing new for Jenner, who revealed Sunday that little Stormi had spent the day in the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction, but that she was "100 okay now."


"Nothing else matters when these things happen. God bless all the moms with sick babies," she continued. "I'm sending so much love and positive energy your way."

Photo credit: YouTube/Kylie Jenner