Kylie Jenner Fans Have Thoughts About That Nude Cowboy Hat Photo With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner recently debuted a nude photo of herself in a cowboy hat with her boyfriend Travis Scott, and her fans have some thoughts about it. The image was shared on Jenner's Instagram page, and features the couple hugging one another, with Jenner revealed to be fully naked and her backside exposed. The photo is actually for an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine, and it certainly has fans talking.

"I can't wait for this!!!! Playboy is so legendary. You guys look amazing here," influencer Johnny Cyrus wrote, later adding, "This is gonna break the internet," which is a reference to when Jenner's sister Kim Kardashian posed nude for Paper magazine under the same headline.

One of Jenner's other sisters, Khloe Kardashian, also commented on the post, writing, "Ohhhhhhhhh good morning!" and later adding a couple of "wow's" and a "Shhhooooookkt."

"I just screamed in class everyone was looking at me," one fan said of her reaction to the image.

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Not everyone has been fans of the image, however, as some feel that the image is not appropriate.

"My 15 year old is one of your biggest fans. Sad she has to see this and think it's oky to do this ish," one person wrote. "Not to mention... respect your daughter, yourself, and the young followers you have! Ms. I dont like the spotlight!"

"Man you girls have no respect for yourselfs cover up nobody should be seeing that except your mans," someone else said.

"This is all for getting attention. Check her old posts likes and check this post likes. You can get popularity but not respect," another person offered.

Jenner is not the first member of her family to appear in Playboy, as Kim also posed for the magazine, back in 2007.

Notably, this new image is for the cover of Playboy's Pleasure Issue. It was photographer Sasha Samsanova, who has been Jenner personal photographer for years, and the shoot was creative directed by Scott himself.


At this time, it does not appear to have been announced when fans can expect Jenner and Scott's issue of Playboy to hit newsstands, but it will reportedly be "soon."

Photo Credit: Getty Images