Kylie Jenner Builds Luxury Digs for Her Dogs

Kylie Jenner's dogs are living in luxury now that she has built them a high end dog house.

Jenner documented the creation on Snapchat on Wednesday. In a clip, she shows off a small shed, complete with its own front porch and glass windows. The structure appears to be sitting on a concrete foundation, and Jenner even promised that it would be air-conditioned.

Kylie’s new doghouse 7/3/18

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"You guys my dog house is almost done!" she said in as she panned around the building. "How cute?! It's going to be air-conditioned, with a heater, and they're going to have their own little... It's like a gueset house!"

Jenner's dogs, Norman and Bambi, are both Italian greyhounds, according to a report by PEOPLE. In 2016, she gave a tour of her mansion on Snapchat, which appeared to show that they had a whole room to themselves.

In addition to the new luxe home, the pups are evidently moving on up in the world now as Jenner has always treated her pets like royalty. She made them their own Instagram account, which has 461,000 followers, though it has not been used since December.

She also has a history of throwing huge birthday parties for Norman and Bambi, and often refers to them as her "babies." This might be at the heart of Jenner's new construction project. The dogs have now been supplanted by a literal baby, Stormi Webster, and Jenner may be trying to show them that she still loves them. On top of that, it probably gets hectic in that house between the infant, the dogs and Jenner's many other pets.

While Jenner's extravagant dog house is unique, it is actually not the first of its kind. Last August, Paris Hilton had an even bigger structure built for her dogs. She posted photos of the "doggy mansion" on Twitter, displaying its two-story design complete with a balcony, and the interior filled with designer furniture.

“My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it,” she wrote.

There's no way to know what Jenner's dog house will look like when it is complete, though it appears it won't be quite as luxurious as Hilton's the heiress had ornate banisters put in along her dogs' stairway, and provided them with various leather couches and beds.


Of course, neither project was universally loved on social media. On Wednesday, Twitter users rolled their eyes at Jenner, many pointing out rampant poverty or their own personal struggles.

"Someone explain to me why kylie jenner's dog house is bigger than the house ill be living in this September," one person wrote.