Kristoff St. John's Daughter Alleges 'Young and the Restless' Star's Will Was Doctored

Some disputes are rising up in the estate of actor Kristoff St. John, as his daughter claims his handwritten will may be illegitimate. St. John passed away back in February, leaving behind a handwritten last will and testament, but now his daughter Paris St. John is reportedly disputing it.

Kristoff's will was submitted to the court by his own father back in March. His daughter Paris filed her first objection to the document then and has continued going after it ever since. Copies of these court records were just released and published by The Blast. Paris spoke to the outlet as well, giving some detail on the alleged forgery.

Paris St. John said plainly that "material provisions of the purported holographic will are not in the decedent's handwriting." She added that she "believes certain other alterations and interlineations were made in someone other than the decedent's handwriting after his death."

"The handwriting of the above material provision differs significantly from and falls outside the normal, genuine, and known characteristics reflected in the handwriting of Decedent at or around the time in which the purported holographic will was allegedly executed," reads Paris' filing.

Paris suggests that her father's true and complete will was destroyed, leaving room for another party to change or add what they wanted. She even claims that the second page of the will "begins mid-sentence and is not connected to the previous sequence of thought."

More importantly, Paris said that the will does not address any of her father's real property at the time it was supposedly written. Instead, it calls for his money to be split up between her and her sister, Lola, giving Lola 75 percent of her father's wealth and herself 25 percent.

Elsewhere, Paris argued that even if the will is authentic, it should be invalid as it "was written inside a private diary and was not intended to be seen by third parties." To counter this, St. John's father submitted text messages that the late soap opera star sent to his then-girlfriend about the will.


"I've been up all night. I drafted a hand written will, just in case," he reportedly wrote. "Leaving Lola and Paris my savings. I've also left you something. In my nightstand, top drawer in the notebook, I left two checks. I made them out to you. You are to deposit these checks accordingly. Just in case."

So far, a judge has yet to rule on St. John's controversial will. A hearing is scheduled for this month.