Kirstie Alley Defends Those Fired Over Allegations by Anonymous Accusers

Kirstie Alley defended people who have been fired thanks to allegations made by anonymous accusers. Her tweets ignited a firestorm, to the point where she ultimately admitted that she does not condone sexual misconduct.

"What the hell is happening? We now live in a country where people lose their jobs when accused of something without proof or trial or in some cases [with] anonymous accusers? Can't confront your accuser? This is bulls**t," the 66-year-old actress tweeted after Today Show anchor Matt Lauer was fired Wednesday for alleged sexual misconduct. "And IT HURTS THE REAL VICTIMS of abuse. AND innocent people."

Three hours later, after being criticized for that tweet, she wrote, " I may be mistaken (I'm not) I don't believe I've ever mentioned Matt L. in ANY tweet EVER.. another example of MISDUPLICATION run a muck."

Later, she received some support from comedian and radio host Jesse Reynolds.


"I too condone NO sexual misconduct," Alley wrote in response to Reynolds. "However, it is important 4 us to differentiate between rape, lewd language, gross physical displays, groping or someone just goofing around. This could instantly help us decide what actions to take."