Kim Kardashian Slammed by Social Media for 'Body Makeup,' Fans 'Fed up' With Bashing

Kim Kardashian was recently slammed by social media users for using "Body Makeup," and fans of the beauty mogul are "fed up" with the bashing.

The reality TV star took to her twitter to share a video of how she applies body makeup to her legs for a variety of reasons, giving followers a brief tutorial of sorts.

Not long after she posted the clip, critics began commenting on the post and slamming her.

"We all have veins, Kimberly," one person said sarcastically, while another commented, "Is anything real anymore these days? Damn."

"You have veins? Everyone has is not normal to NOT have veins. If you don’t have veins, well, I don’t know how you’d survive," someone else said.

Fans of Kardashian quickly began hitting back, however, chiding those who were posting negative comments on the post.

"Oh my Lord people it’s not an everyday use type thing. It to use whenever YOU WANT! Maybe you’re wearing shorts & want to feel a little more confident or going to a wedding or party [and] wearing that short dress or bumped your leg and have a black & blue. That’s all it is an option," one fan commented.


"People have too much time on their hands. Let the girl put body makeup on. It’s HER fucking body. Im sick of people acting like nobody has ever covered a pimple before or covered their dark circles because of insecurities," another added.

"People have no issue with others wearing makeup on their face, what’s the problem with makeup for the body? I wouldn’t use it but only because I’m lazy as fuck (and a very sweaty person lol this would last 2 seconds on me) but jeeeeez let people do what they wanna do," one last fan offered in defense of Kardashian.