Kim Kardashian Says Paris Hilton 'Gave Me a Career,' Will Stay 'Loyal' to Longtime Friend

Every Kim Kardashian fan knows that one of the reality star's early jobs was organizing the closets of her famous friends, one of whom was Paris Hilton. Over the years, the duo's friendship has gone through ups and downs, but according to Kardashian, they'll always have each others' backs.

In a new clip from Season 17 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian reflects on her relationship with Hilton while telling sister Khloé Kardashian that she accepted Hilton's offer to star in the heiress' music video for her song "Best Friend's A—."

"I'm gonna go and be in this music video with Paris for one of her new songs," Kim tells her sister.

"She asked you? That's so sweet!" Khloé exclaimed.

"I know, I thought it was so cute," Kim replied.

"It's so nice that you're doing that though," Khloé remarked. "I really would want to do anything for her, she literally gave me a career," Kim responded. "And I like totally acknowledge that."

"A lot of people, no matter how they got their success, they wouldn't say like 'I got my career because of Paris,' and they wouldn't say 'I'm gonna do you a favor,'" Khloé pointed out. "They'd be like, 'Haha bitch look who's poppin now,' where you're so sweet and kind, and your schedule is crazy and your family, everything."

Kim noted that despite the busy week she was preparing for — the clip was filmed ahead of this year's Met Gala and the arrival of Kim's fourth child, son Psalm — she "would drop it for [Paris], because that's important to me, to be loyal to people."

"It will go a long way," Khloé agreed.

The clip then cut to Kim arriving on set for the video and entering Hilton's dressing room, commenting, "If this doesn't smell like Paris Hilton's dressing room, I don't know what does!"

Speaking to PEOPLE in May, Hilton shared that "it's been really nice" spending time with Kardashian years after the pair first became friends.

"I've known her my whole life and we've been having so much fun together lately," she said. "We had a good time at Kourtney [Kardashian]'s birthday party and then had fun at Travis [Scott]'s birthday party.

She also discussed her music video for "Best Friend's A—," noting that Kardashian's famous asset all but guaranteed her a spot in the clip.

"When you listen to the lyrics it's hilarious. I sent the song to Kim and she loved it," Hilton said. "With a title like that, I, of course, had to have her in it."


Season 17 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres Sunday, Sept. 8 on E! at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo Credit: Getty / Chris Polk