Watch Kim Kardashian Get a Makeup Surprise

Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic have been working together for 10 years, so it's safe to say the pair knows each other pretty well. The evidence of this was clear in a video Dedivanovic posted to his social media accounts on Monday, in which the artist got a bit playful with Kardashian during a glam session.

In the clip, Kardashian sits with her eyes down as Dedivanovic asks her to look up. When she doesn't comply, he swipes eyeshadow onto her entire cheek, which immediately causes her to snap to attention.

The reality personality swipes Dedivanovic's hand away as she surveys the damage, gasping, "Oh my f—ing god!"

"I'm going out like this," she joked. "I'm going on a red carpet like this. I'm going to say, 'makeup by Mario!'"

While she didn't seem too amused at the time, Kardashian's makeup looked flawless other than the erstwhile streaks.

"Who does this?!?!" the mom of three cracked on Twitter alongside the clip.

The video was part of the promotion for the duo's collaboration for Kardashian's makeup line, KKW Beauty, which they had previously announced. On Monday, Kardashian and Dedivanovic revealed more details about their partnership, sharing that they will be launching an eyeshadow palette and lip products as an homage to some of the most iconic looks the pair has created together over the years.

In fact, the look Dedivanovic was creating in the clip above was an inspiration for one of the palette's brightest shades, a metallic cobalt blue named "Libra."

"I would fight against color & one time when I was on my phone & not paying attention he did a blue eye & I freaked out but then looked in the mirror I loved it!" Kardashian explained on Twitter. "We fight over which look we should do all the time but this blue eye reminds me the trust him lol."

The collaboration will launch on April 5, 10 years to the day Kardashian and Dedivanovic met.


"10 years ago when we met I never dreamed we would be launching our own products together!" Kardashian tweeted on Monday. "I'm so proud of this collection of our favorite eye shadows and lips!"

Photo Credit: Twitter / @KimKardashian