Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash for Treatment of Pet Reptile

Kim Kardashian is receiving backlash for dressing up her daughter, North's bearded dragon in an outfit with a jewel on its forehead. The mom-of-four dressed the dragon up in a robe from her Skims line, but put a "Lil Uzi jewel" on the little four-legged animal and is now receiving a lot of heat from fans. "Meet the newest member of our family .... Speed," she wrote on the Instagram post.

"I really wasn't planning on liking Speed the way I do, but she grew on me!" she added. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star then detailed that the animal started off as her best friend's pet, but once it came over to Kardashians' house, it never left. "Speed was really my BFF Alison's and we babysat for a week and she never left and it's been months! Speed got a makeover with custom Skims Cozy and even the Lil Uzi jewel (Speed actually got the jewel a few months back; North always knows what's up!). North and her bearded dragon go everywhere together it's kinda cute!"

While several felt the post was cute, there were many who didn't. One person relayed their thoughts and said, "Hey Kim can you please take them Gem off speedy .... Bearded dragons have a 'third eye' that helps them sensor predators. Also it looks like you might keep him on sand I would recommend taking that out." Another person wrote, "Animals are not toys" while someone else echoed, "You're not supposed to hold it like that bruh."

While she did receive a lot of heat from commenters, there were several who loved it. One social media user said, "Wait? Is Speedy wearing custom Skims? I'm crying," while someone else noted, "North is the future!!!! The custom skins OMFG." Several others used laugh face emojis to express their thoughts and support. In the photos Kardashian shared of her daughter and Speed, North is holding the adorable animal in a few different ways, showing off not only the jewel but the outfit.

In the last photo, the 40-year-old showed off the three custom outfits for Speed. One is white, another one is powder pink and the last is a brown color. Over the years, Kardashian hasn't been shy to share her disapproval for certain animals, not that she didn't like them, they just freaked her out. In one episode of the business woman's reality show, North convinced her mom to put a spider on her head, and she toughed it out for North but did not like it one bit.