Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West in Midst of Drake Rant

Kim Kardashian is coming to husband Kanye West's defense amid his renewed feud with Drake.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter Friday to call out the rapper, who her husband recently accused of threatening him and his family in a series of scathing tweets.

"@drake Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake," Kardashian wrote in the first of several tweets.

"My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know," she continued. "He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world."

Kardashian's defense came just a day after her husband reignited his year-long feud with Drake, which was initially sparked over implications the "God's Plan" artist made that West had been the one to leak information of his secret child with Sophie Brussaux to Pusha T. Although the feud seemed to be put to rest, it resurfaced throughout the afternoon of Thursday in a Twitter rant courtesy of the "Ye" rapper.

In a series of more than 80 tweets, West claimed that Drake "called trying to threatened [sic] me" and added "So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect— So cut the tough talk."

He went on to back up his claims of Drake being a threat by referring to a violent clash involving fans and fellow rapper, Pusha T.

"The kid he had run on stage at Pushas concert is in critical condition," he wrote.

"Since the pool line he's been tryin to poke at me and f—- with me," he continued in reference to Drake's lyric from "Summer Sixteen," in which he raps "Now I got a house in LA, now I got a bigger pool than Ye/ And look man, Ye's pool is nice, mine's just bigger's what I'm saying."

The rapper, who in the past has claimed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, continued by claiming that Drake has targeted people suffering from mental illness.


"When Cudi was in the hospital he sent shots," he wrote. "If I'm bipolar this kind of sh– can get me ramped. You pick on people with mental health issues."

The Twitter rant caused many of Kardashian's fans to urge her to put an end to it, fearing that the tweets were a result of poor mental health.