Khloé Kardashian Goes off on 'Despicable' Tristan Thompson Over Cheating Drama

Khloé Kardashian's emotional reaction to discovering Tristan Thompson's paternity scandal was revealed during Ep. 10 of The Kardashians on Hulu. The Good American founder ended her relationship with the NBA player for good after learning of him cheating with Maralee Nichols. A paternity test later proved that he was indeed the father of the baby boy. Thompson publicly apologized to Kardshian via an Instagram statement, and the two have since focused on amicably co-parenting their daughter, True. In the episode previously, Kim was the one to break the news. Khloé was disgusted by the entire ordeal.

"I find out what Tristan is doing with the rest of the world," Khloé told the cameras in a confessional. "A courtesy would be not doing it. But fine, if you do it, you're not even gonna be a f---ing heads up before the rest of the world? It's just an additional slap in my face. It's humiliating, I'm embarrassed." In a scene of her packing up some of Thompson's belongings from her new mansion, she spoke of feeling their relationship was all a facade.

"I'm replaying every event, every grand gesture, every trip, every date… all of that was a lie," she said in her closet. "I feel just not really in my own body, these things are just happening and I'm going through the motions. But when things happen to you a few times, you do kinda become immune to them, which is really sad."

In a separate confessional, she spoke of Thompson failing to come clean about the situation earlier. "Everything is an act of betrayal, everything is a lie," she said. "It's manipulation, it's deceit. Did Tristan have every opportunity to tell me? Yes. Was Tristan going to tell me if there wasn't a baby involved? Absolutely not. And that shows a lot about his character. The entire thing is despicable."

While talking to Kim at the promotional photoshoot for their reality series, Kim asked whether or not she'd spoken to Thompson. "There's nothing that can be said or done that will make me feel better," she told Kim. "All of the work, the energy, the conversations, all of those bricks that we were laying down [for] this foundation — all for it to just [have] a tornado go through and everything to be demolished."


She made it known that there's no way she'll reconcile with Thompson, noting she tried multiple times to make it work for the sake of their daughter and feels fooled and embarrassed by Thompson. "There's not much to talk about in my opinion," she said. "It's disgusting. We're all over it," she said. "I didn't buy tickets to this f---ing circus, but somehow I'm watching all these clowns act out in front of me. I want a refund, return to sender, I don't want to be at this show…Somehow these clowns keep coming back in this f---ing clown car, and no matter what he says, nothing's gonna give me the answers that I'm looking for or the closure," she said.