Kevin Hart Investigators Reportedly Have 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Against Extortionists

Kevin Hart is currently embroiled in an alleged extortion case after someone reportedly tried to blackmail the actor for money in exchange for not releasing a sexually suggestive video allegedly featuring Hart and another woman, filmed without the actor's knowledge in Las Vegas.

To confront the matter, Hart released a public apology to his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, and his children, and the FBI is now reportedly investigating the extortion case.

The Blast reports that law enforcement sources received a copy of an online message between two people discussing how they would extort Hart, and officials are reportedly working to determine the authenticity of the conversation.

"If they offer anything under 6 figs I put a clip on my site," one person reportedly wrote. "They'll pay."

The conversation also reportedly discusses the tape itself, which is allegedly highly edited.

"One d finish choppin it up you won't know what's what," a message reads.

If the messages are authenticated, authorities will determine whether they came from current suspects in the case.

The woman in the video, Montia Sabbag, said at a press conference last week that she was not an extortionist and was unaware that she was being filmed during her encounter with Hart.


"I am not an extortionist," she said, via People. "I had nothing to do with these recordings."

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