Kevin Hart Car Accident: How Serious Could His Back Injury Be?

Kevin Hart is still recovering from the serious car accident he was involved with on early Sunday morning. The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor has reportedly sustained back injuries from the crash, and fan speculation has been mounting as to how serious his ailment could be. While Hart, 40, has detailed his condition or even spoken out about the incident, there are some things we can gather from the official police report and sources close to the Hart camp.

Officially, the Department of California Highway Patrol's publicly released collision report states that Hart's injury was classified as "major," as opposed to "minor," "moderate" or "fatal." After the rollover crash, Hart was not trapped in the car, which was the comedian's own, and was somehow able to get back to his house to seek medical attention. He was then taken to Northridge Hospital, which is located in the Northridge area of Los Angeles.

Those facts are all we have from first responder documents, but a source near Hart spoke to The Blast on Sunday to downplay the "major injury" classification.

They wanted the Ride Along and Central Intelligence star's fans to know that he does not have an injury to his spinal cord, which was a major fear. He's "able to walk and move his extremities," which will hopefully quell speculation that the Hart lost mobility in the wreck.

The standup comic, known for his specials Let Me Explain and What Now?, is undergoing tests to determine whether he will need surgery or not. However, the sources claim "a full recovery" is predicted for Hart.

While these details do not exactly pinpoint what's going on with Hart, they should provide some comfort to his fans. Many have taken to social media platforms like Reddit to vent their worries, with fans sharing their experiences with back injuries like Hart could be facing.

"When I was little we got hit from behind on the freeway by a drunk driver who was going around 20-30mph faster than us according to the police report," one user wrote, going on to details specifics of his family's injuries. "This led to over a decade of my mother needing heavy painkillers just to reduce the pain. Over time the painkillers didn't work because her tolerance was so high, but she is now physically, emotionally, and mentally dependent on painkillers. My mother went from leading the scouts, supporting me and my brothers sports, running the household, and overall being a super mom to a woman who can hardly leave her bed. Injuring my back is now one of my deepest fears. I'd rather the accident just kill me, because that's no way to live. I hope Kevin is okay. I'm pretty worried about him."

Another user wrote, "This is sad. A teenager hit my car a few years ago and I felt fine other than minor (at the time) upper back and neck pain. Three years later I still have recurring problems with it. The last three days I spent mostly bedridden with ice packs and anti inflammatories for pain. It sucks and can last forever."


While there's no telling if Hart will face a tough road like this Reddit users, it is certainly possible. We wish him all the best and will continue to provide updates on his condition.

Photo Credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images