Kevin Hart: 911 Call of Eyewitness on Scene Released

The 9-1-1 call from Kevin Hart's car crash on Sunday morning has been released, revealing a dramatic eye-witness account. The emergency call was published by TMZ, and placed by a man who was apparently on the scene during the crash. He emphasized the terror and confusion in those first few minutes, when Hart's friends were still trapped in the car.

The caller seemed to be one of several civilians who stopped to help when they saw Hart's car off the road. He spoke for the other helper, who was talking to the two people still stuck in the car.

"Um, yeah they're both awake," he said, answering the 9-1-1 operator. "It sounds like the passenger is stuck in the car. The driver is out of the car, but he looks a little hurt. I think the top of the car is crushed. I'll stay here until the cops arrive."

We now know that the driver, Jared Black, was pinned to the steering wheel in the crash. The passenger was his fiance, Rebecca Broxterman, who worked with Hart's wife Eniko Parrish. During the call, there seemed to be some confusion about who was in or out of the car.

"I think it's just one lady now, the driver's out right now, they're trying to get the passenger out," the caller said.

Hart was the only person able to extricate himself from the crash. He reportedly got a ride to his nearby home with his personal security team, where he tried to get medical attention on his own before ultimately going to the hospital. The 9-1-1 caller eventually learned that someone else had been in the car, but he did not know it was Hart.

"There's the driver and the passenger, I think the other person was here... Two are stuck in the car, so there was three, I guess," he aid. "They're all conscious."

The caller periodically held the phone away as he shouted reassurances down to Black and Broxterman. He got confirmation that Broxterman had "no major injuries," but he did not mention the "major back injuries" that Black reportedly suffered.

"It sounds like they're just scared because they're in there stuck," he told the operator. "The roof is crushed, the car is pretty totaled."

Emergency responders had to cut the roof off of the car to get Broxterman out. Black was driving Hart's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which he purchased as a birthday present to himself earlier this year. According to authorities, Black had not been drinking, and he simply lost control of the car on the infamous Mulholland Highway. they believe he may have been speeding.


Hart underwent successful back surgery on Sunday night, and will soon enter a physical rehab program. He is expected to make a full recovery. Black's condition is still unclear, but he was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center. Broxterman escaped with only minor pains.