Kevin Federline's Child Support Demands Put Him in the Hot Seat

Former backup dancer Kevin Federline is in hot water with fans after seeking extra child [...]

Former backup dancer Kevin Federline is in hot water with fans after seeking extra child support.

K-Fed, the ex-husband of Britney Spears who once served as a backup dancer for the likes of Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Destiny's Child, is being called a "lowlife" after seeking extra child support for their two children after learning of Spears' monetary success in Vegas. Lawyering up with his celebrity divorce attorney, he is attempting to get an increase in his $20,000 monthly child support payments, according to CafeMom, but the move is putting him in the hot seat.

"Why doesn't he get a job? It's not Britney's job to support him and his lifestyle," one person commented.

"Seriously?! He wants the same standard of living the boys get when with her…she works for her money you want the same then you work for it…why should you get the same standard of living?!" wrote another.

"That's what happens when you marry a lowlife, Britney…you end up supporting him and his 8 other kids! Ok so she's worth more now, but do two kids really need the 20 grand a month? Come on now! Lets be honest here! That's ridic! It's all about greed, has nothing to do with the boys, which is sad," commented another.

"It's called get a job. $20k per month is more than enough to support 2 kids. Britney isn't responsible for you, your wife, or your other 4 kids. That is your responsibility," chimed another commenter.

Federline and Spears were married from 2004-2007, and the settlement at the time ruled Spears would cut Federline a $20,000 child support check for their two sons, Jayden and Sean. That number was determined by a percentage of how much Spears was earning at the time, a number significantly lowered by the fact that she was dealing with mental problems and not working on another album until the 2007 album Blackout.

Since then though, she's put out four more albums and earned a residency in Las Vegas, which reportedly rakes in $15 million annually.

Spears' legal team reportedly received a letter from attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, and while the asking price has not been confirmed, The Blast did say he's looking for a major increase in money. The news agency also pointed out that Federline has been supportive of Spears over the years, going so far as to travel to shows to allow her to see the children.