Kelly Ripa Shows off Her Gray Hair During Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Kelly Ripa is finding a new source of amusement amid her coronavirus self-quarantine and proving that she isn't afraid to show her age. As millions of people across the country practice social distancing, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host is continuing her candid social media posts, admitting in a recent post that she is on "root watch."

Shared to her Instagram Story Sunday night, Ripa, 49, showed off a photo of her growing gray roots, joking in the caption, "Root watch week one." The photo, which can be seen on Entertainment Tonight by clicking here, showed Ripa's mostly blonde hair with a slight touch of gray.

The Sunday post is just one of many that the talk show host has shared as the coronavirus pandemic grips the country. In an update last week, Ripa said that she was seeking treatment for "acute Botox deficiency."

"There's a very serious medical problem going around right now. What is it?" Ripa, alongside Dr. Robert Anolik, said in a video shared to Instagram.

"It's botox deficiency," Anolik responded. "A lot of side effects. Lines, wrinkles."

"He's afraid I'm going to touch him. You know, I appreciate how germ nervous you are, because we all are," Ripa continued. "There are great CDC rules and I appreciate them. Having said that, in this time, we can notice that there's been a lot of worrying. You can see it's written all over my face, but Dr. Anolik decided to be brave today and come into work to treat my acute botox deficiency syndrome."

Along with plenty of humor, however, Ripa has also reacted to the pandemic with a much more serious tone. PEOPLE reports that she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have donated $1 million to aid in relief efforts. Their contribution, according to a source who spoke to the outlet, "will be allocated in part to the New York Governor's Office for the purchase of urgently needed ventilators and additionally towards WIN, an organization running 11 women's shelters across New York City."


Meanwhile, out of an abundance of caution, Live with Kelly and Ryan followed suit with a number of other talk shows and began filming without an in studio audience. With New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo encouraging New Yorkers to remain at home, Ripa revealed Sunday night that the show will no longer be filmed in-studio, but will instead be done remotely, with she and co-host Ryan Seacrest videoing in from home.