Kelly Ripa Shares Silly Family Christmas Photo

Kelly Ripa and her family took to social media on Friday to wish the world a "lit" holiday season.

In a post shared to her Instagram, Ripa shared a series of images with her family decked out for the festive season — and from the looks of it, the Consuelos clan had a lot of fun.

"Wishing you a LIT holiday season!" Ripa wrote. "With love from the Consuelos gang (and yes, Lola approved)."

Ripa posed with her husband, Mark Consuelos, and their three kids, Michael, 20, Lola, 16, and Joaquin, 14.

Ripa's note about "Lola's approval" is in reference to an interview she did with Jimmy Fallon this past October, where she said Lola gets upset when Ripa posts pictures of her on social media.


"It's so bizarre. I'm never allowed to post a photo of her, ever," Ripa said. "Why did I have these kids if not to exploit them on social media?"