Kelly Osbourne Speaks on 'Cancel Culture' in Wake of Mom Sharon's 'The Talk' Exit

Kelly Osbourne reveals her opinions regarding cancel culture following her mother Sharon's firing [...]

Kelly Osbourne reveals her opinions regarding cancel culture following her mother Sharon's firing from The Talk. The celebrity daughter kept it brief, saying "F–– cancel culture." She also shared that she feels "counsel culture" would be a more appropriate tool for people on social media. "The world is scary right now, but... it's an honor to be a part of the world when beautiful change is happening," she said in an interview with Extra TV.

"I didn't know what was really going on in this country because I just thought that simply being not racist was enough," she added. "It's not, it's actually not, you have to be actively not racist and educate yourself and learn, and don't be afraid to make a mistake."

"Everybody's so afraid of cancel culture I say f–– cancel culture, it's all about counsel culture. Educate people, teach people — a gentle nudge in the right direction is so much better than a public execution," she continued. Osbourne also discussed the situation while making an appearance on the Everything Iconic podcast. "I've made mistakes. My mom's made mistakes. Everybody's made mistakes," she said. "But also, there's two sides to every story and the media will only ever let you see the one. The one that gets the most clicks. The one that gets the most people fear mongered and outraged."

Osbourne's mother was released from her co-hosting duties on The Talk following a heated dispute that took place on air, which prompted an internal investigation into her workplace behavior. Sharon was asked to answer for her tweets in support of Piers Morgan, who made some discouraging remarks about Meghan Markle after her jaw-dropping interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the probe, it was revealed Osbourne had a history of making insensitive comments about her co-workers, allegedly calling former co-hosts Holly Robinson-Peete and Leah Remini "ghetto."

After the heated argument, Osbourne responded to the situation blaming the network, "I blame the network for it. I was blindsided, totally blindsided by the whole situation. In my 11 years, this was the first time I was not involved with the planning of the segment," Osbourne told Variety. "I said, 'Sure, they can ask me whatever.' But then I get on there, I say my piece and Sheryl turns around straight-faced, looks at me and is reading from a card with questions. I was just so hurt, caught off-guard and stunned by what I was being asked and not prepared. I was honestly in shock. I felt like I was in front of a firing squad. I felt like a lamb held out for slaughter ... They had me there for 20 minutes."