Kelly Clarkson Completely Forgets Meghan Markle's Name During 'Ellen' Recording

Kelly Clarkson stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday's episode, playing a game of "Hot Hands" during which she was shown photos of celebrities and tasked with sharing one question she would ask them.

When a photo of Meghan Markle appeared, Clarkson was stumped, unable to name the Duchess of Sussex, though she did say, "I know this one. She's a princess."

After Ellen DeGeneres gave Clarkson Markle's name, the American Idol winner recognized the new mom from her time as an actress.

"Oh, she was on Suits. Actually I love Suits," Clarkson said. "I don't know why she doesn't look like a Meghan to me. Maybe I'll ask her about that. But I would ask what are the stresses of being a princess? That's what I would ask."

As far as the other stars shown, Clarkson said she would ask Jennifer Lopez how she maintains her figure, Miley Cyrus about her new music and Justin Timberlake to write her a song. When a photo of her fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton appeared, Clarkson joked that she would ask him, "Why do you hate me? I don't understand, I'm so nice!"

DeGeneres set up the game for Clarkson to celebrate the singer's new role as a talk show host, with The Kelly Clarkson Show having premiered on Sept. 9.

"I don't understand ratings in television world," Clarkson admitted. "Even in music…I don't ever pay attention to charts either. It's going to do me and work or it won't."

The mom of two also shared that she was hesitant to accept her own talk show and even turned several offers down, with her husband and manager, Brandon Blackstock, ultimately convincing her to take the gig.

"Why not?" she said. "You gotta matter 'til you don't, people."

"My husband ended up convincing me," she added. "I actually said 'No' the first couple times because I was like, 'Everybody's been drinking or getting high, this is a horrible idea.' And then he convinced me because I really do love the fact... there's a lot of negativity happening, a lot of division happening and one of my big things, even on tour, is to bring people together."


"My audience is filled with random people that would probably never be in the same place. And I want my show to be like that and he kind of sold me on the fact of all the good we'd be able to do and inclusion and all of that."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jared Siskin