Watch: Keith Urban Reveals the Craziest Thing a Fan Has Ever Done at a Show

Keith Urban is one of the most successful country singers right now, and we wouldn't be lying if we said he was super cute too. But because of his aesthetic appeal, it's only natural that dozens of fans would want to throw just about anything on stage for him to sign. Sometimes that includes, ahem, a part of yourself.

In an interview with the wildly hilarious Graham Norton on his BBC America talk show of the same name, Urban appeared with his wife, Nicole Kidman, and revealed one of the most craziest things a fan has ever done at one of his shows — and this fan definitely got a "leg" up in being memorable.

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Urban reveals that years before he met Kidman, he was doing a concert at a big venue and someone in the crowd shouted, "Can you sign my leg?" Thinking it would be an interesting moment, the 49-year-old singer obliged and told the fan to come right up. However what he was in for was something very different.

"She disappeared for a minute, I couldn't see her head and then the next minute she reappeared and then lobbed this prosthetic leg onto the stage," he laughed, adding it made a "thud."

"I picked it up and signed it and then I thought, 'What's the correct prosthetic leg returning etiquette?" he said, while gesturing to toss it back or not. "Like, do you hop up here?"

Kidman laughed, "That's insane…"


Photo Credit: Twitter / @kiddme5


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