Katy Perry Fuels Vegas Residency Rumors With New Ad Featuring Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion

It seems that some of music's biggest stars may be on their way to Las Vegas, judging by a new ad released on Thursday, April 22. A commercial for the upcoming Resorts World Las Vegas features Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion, all of whom are expected to receive residencies at the resort. The spot also includes DJs Zedd and Tiësto, whose residencies at Resorts World Las Vegas' Zouk Nightclub have previously been announced.

The clip starts with a couple waking up in a hotel room before making their way to an exaggerated breakfast, where they spot Perry, dressed as a mermaid, in an undersea scene. Mermaid Perry places a boot on a fishing hook dangling in front of her before it's reeled up to the surface by Bryan, who is fishing on a boat along with the original couple. The "One Margarita" singer then peers into a telescope, looking at an island on the back of a turtle that houses Underwood, who catches a butterfly in her and and releases it into the air, where it makes its way up to Tiësto, who is playing a set.

Next up is Zedd, who launches a pinball into a machine where it's eventually stepped on by Dion, who waves at Zedd as she moves the ball around the course herself. The commercial ends with the two guests dancing on a rooftop as stars spell out, "Stay fabulous." "All I gotta say is that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas amirite," Perry captioned the spot on her social media accounts, referencing her song "Waking Up in Vegas." Underwood wrote that she "had so much fun" working with the resort and the other artists, and Dion echoed that she also "had so much fun" filming the commercial. Bryan declared that he is booking his trip "immediately" and confirmed that Resorts World Las Vegas opens on June 24.

Resorts World Las Vegas is a $4.3 billion, 3,500-room integrated resort coming to the Las Vegas strip that will feature over 40 food and beverage options, around 70,000 square feet of dedicated retail space, multiple clubs, a casino floor, pool and spa and more, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. A 5,000-seat concert and entertainment venue at the resort is under construction and will not be open until the fall, which would be the likely spot for residencies from Perry, Underwood, Bryan and Dion. Dion, who is no stranger to a Vegas residency, is expected to be the resort's first resident headliner.