Katy Perry Rocks Flat Stomach In Purple Workout Getup

Pop superstar Katy Perry's toned tummy was on full display during an exercise session seen on her live streaming experiment promoting her new album Witness.

The photos from the live stream show the 32-year-old sporting a purple sports bra with matching yoga pants as she worked up a sweat with celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson. The ensemble showcased Perry's fit physique and coordinated well with her blond crop haircut.

The "Chained To The Rhythm" singer was filmed dancing around her house, striking poses for the camera, and even indulging in some pancakes. She also was seen playing with her adorable pop Nugget.

Katy showing off her fit bod came the same week that her interview with Natalie Morales on the Today show aired. During the segment, Perry spoke out about the ongoing feud with Taylor Swift.

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The beef between the pop singers seemed as if it was going to escalate again when Taylor Swift released her back catalog of music on streaming services on the same day that Katy Perry debuted her new album Witness.

When asked if this bothered her, Katy said: "I don't know. I could only do me."

Morales pointed out that many fans have speculated that Perry's single "Swish Swish," featuring Nicki Minaj, was a Taylor Swift diss track.

An excerpt from the song's lyrics read: "Don't you come for me/ No, not today./ You're calculated./ I got your number./ 'Cause you're a joker./ And I'm a courtside killer queen."

However, Katy shot down the speculation.

Morales said that it sounds as if the song a response to Taylor Swift.

"That might be your story," Perry said. "But my story, which I know is true for me, is that I've had just not one person bully me, or one person hold me down, or, you know, met one troll."

Katy even said that she was forgiving Taylor and that she hoped Taylor would forgive her.

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"I forgive her and I"m sorry for anything I ever did," she said. "And I hope the same for her. There's a lot of other things out there in the world that people need to be focused on. God bless her, honestly."

For four days straight, Katy Perry temporarily live-streamed her life. There were 41 cameras filming her every moment, and Perry even gave a glimpse at a candid moment when she spoke with her therapist Siri Singh, according to Daily Mail.

"I built up this Katy Perry thing that everybody knows and that's the reason why they're tuning in and it's fantastic, but it's more of a facade," she said.

Perry then explained how she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts.


"I'm ashamed because of course Katy Perry is so strong, but it's hard because I feel ashamed that I would even have those thoughts and feel that low or that depressed," she said. "I'm human and I'm living under this crazy microscope."

The "California Gurls" singer continued by saying: "Look at Katy Perry - she's so glamorous, she's rich, she's luxurious, successful and, like, Katheryn Hudson - I didn't have any money, I didn't have any influence, I didn't have anything."