Kate Upton Shows off Her Smiley Side While Donning Lingerie

Being a model, Kate Upton gets paid to show off her fair share of clothing, whether it be on the runway, in magazines or on Instagram.

Her latest photo seems to be the latter of the three, with Upton using Instagram on Monday to share a snap of herself wearing lacy lingerie and a beaming smile.

"Love wearing @yamamayofficial to feel confident and beautiful at the most intimate layers!" she captioned the image, tagging the brand in question.

kate upton
(Photo: Instagram / @kateupton)

In addition to her modeling, Upton recently made headlines when she accused GUESS founder Paul Marciano of sexually harassing her during a photo shoot when she was 18 years old.

The 25-year-old detailed her experience in an interview with TIME, alleging that Marciano kissed her, grabbed her breasts and attempted to come up to her hotel room multiple times.

"All the language he used was extremely dominant and possessive," Upton said of her communication with Marciano. "At one point, to avoid Paul coming to set, I told him my boyfriend was going to be there. He was absolutely furious at that. It was an emotional and non-stop battle of games, power struggles and creative avoidance tactics."

Upton claims that after she rejected Marciano, she was fired.

Photographer Yu Tsai corroborated Upton's story and said he witnessed the alleged harassment.

She also discussed her experience on Good Morning America, explaining that she wanted to share her story to help other women in her industry.

"A lot of girls were sharing how excited they were about the different opportunities they got and the start of their career, and I remembered being in that place," Upton said, "whenever I got the meeting to go meet with Paul Marciano and how different my view of the industry after that meeting was. I wanted to prevent that from happening to these other girls who were just starting out."

Marciano has denied Upton's claims.

On Feb. 28, Upton used Twitter to share her thoughts on the company's investigation.


"I just learned that Guess hired Paul Marciano's PERSONAL lawyer to run their internal 'investigation,'" she wrote. "I'm truly disheartened to learn that Guess is treating this abuse of power and sexual misconduct (to multiple women) in such a manner."

Photo Credit: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com