Kate Spade's Funeral to Be Held Thursday in Kansas City

Kate Spade's obituary was published on Monday, revealing that her funeral will be held in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

Spade's family posted a simple photo of the iconic fashion designer on Dignity Memorial. There was no written statement about the funeral, just the location of Spade's remains — McGilley Memorial Chapel, as well as the phone number. Spade passed away on June 5 in her home in New York City. Her death was ruled a suicide. She was 55 years old.

Spade's official funeral will take place on Thursday, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptories Church, according to a report by The Kansas City Star.

Spade took her husband's name when they married after college. She built her brand on it, as well as the city she moved to to pursue her love of fashion. Within a few years, her small company, Kate Spade New York, was an international juggernaut in the industry, and she was an icon.

Still, in their posting, her family remembers her as Katherine Noel Brosnahan, the girl from Missouri with a keen eye and big dreams. They left a place online for well-wishers and fans to leave condolences, prayers or memories about Spade.

"Hi Kate, the fashion sphere will miss you indefinitely," wrote one person. "Your creativity, charm, with and unique persona is not only the true embodiment of your namesake brand, but in a way, it is a fashionable personification of New York, the city you once called home. Rest in peace and may God bless your soul, Mrs. Spade."

"My deepest condolences to the family of Kate Spade. She was a true icon," posted another. "Such a beautiful and sweet presence.....I can't imagine what made her leave this world. Her designs made me happy. She looked full of life and sparkle. It is very sad. My heart aches for her . Rest in Peace sweet Kate. I hope you found peace."

Spade's death came as a shock to many of her lifelong followers, as she showed little sign that she was struggling with depression and anxiety. However, in the days following, her husband, Andy Spade, confirmed that her mental health had deteriorated particularly in the last five years. The designer had trouble getting out of her personal rut, and often reached for her work as a way of coping.

In an interview, Spade's father said that he believed the stress and high visibility of his daughter's creations only heightened her depression. He told The Wall Street Journal that he had implored her to stay retired.

"She didn't want to," the 89-year-old said. "She liked the business."