Kate Middleton Thinks Prince William Should Dress up as Marvel Superhero

Kate Middleton has an excellent idea for husband Prince William's next costume party after being [...]

Kate Middleton has an excellent idea for husband Prince William's next costume party after being inspired by the National Portrait Gallery's Hold Still project. In a conversation newly uploaded to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Instagram account and YouTube page, Kate speaks with Jason Baird, whose Spider-Man performances for local children during lockdown went viral last year.

In the November 2020 conversation, Middleton asks the martial arts teacher what inspired him to dress up as the Marvel superhero to perform for kids in his town of Stockport, one shot of which has made the top 100 finalists of the Hold Still project. Baird said he figured it would be a way to bring a smile to kids' faces, but he was surprised to soon see signs from little ones begging him to stop there. The Duchess joked she "might have to get William a suit" to get the trend going at Kensington Palace, joking that her husband was "not going to get the air clearance" the martial arts instructor can.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been reaching out to many of the finalists in the Hold Still contest, including a little girl named Mila battling leukemia. In the photo titled "Shielding Mila," the young girl can be seen waving from one side of the hospital room to her dad, Scott, and sister, Jodi, as they couldn't go near her to keep her safe while in treatment.

Middleton reached out to the 5-year-old, who revealed her favorite color was pink during their conversation, and the Duchess said she would shop for a special pink dress to wear in person when they could finally meet. "In the week prior to lockdown last year, Mila's family took the difficult decision to isolate in different households to protect Mila, who at this point was only 4 months into her chemotherapy journey for leukaemia (sic)," the Duke and Duchess' Instagram page explained of Mila's family and their difficult situation.

In May of this year, the royal was able to keep her promise, wearing the pink dress she had mentioned before to meet the little girl, who wore a matching color gown. When the two first met, Middleton told Mila just how lovely she looked, asking her to give a "twirl" and show it off. "I want to give you a big, squeezy cuddle," Middleton told her young admirer. "I love your dress. Can you give it a twirl?"