Photo of Kate Gosselin's Daughter Kissing Family Dog on the Lips Grosses People Out

Kate Gosselin's newest Instagram picture is grossing fans out.

The image, which the Kate Plus 8 star shared with her followers on Saturday, shows Alexis, one of the reality star's sextuplets, sharing a smooch with the family dog named Mak.

Kate Gosselin
(Photo: Instagram / @kateplusmy8)

"The love between my human children and my furry children continues to melt my heart on a daily basis! Mak just can't love us enough-- and we feel the same about him! We adore him," Gosselin captioned the picture.

The kissable photo, however, has many fans grossed out.

"I love animals, but even doctors say don't kiss them or let them lick you in the mouth. They put their noses and mouths everywhere we don't want to know. Just saying," one of Gosselin's concerned fans warned.

"For someone who was such a germaphobe, I'm surprised you allow your dogs to lick your kids mouths," one person wrote.

"I love my fur babies but I also don't kiss them on the mouth.... seriously. They lick their own butt....eeek," another fan commented, clearly grossed out by the image.

Others, however, weren't as disgusted by the image, coming to Gosselin's defesne in the comments section and telling others that they need to calm down.

"I bet many would blanche at the bacteria that they ingest from eating their food that has passes through countless unwashed hands, trucks, ships, dirty factories, chemical-laden fields, touching door handles, light switches, floating in the air coming in the house on their shoes or pets' paws and being tracked onto carpet, beds, not to mention what is in the municipal water, some of it making us very sick or causing smaller-scale reactions, but we're preaching sanctimonious about a dog kiss," one person commented.

"And for all the Doggy Kiss worriers...As long as your dog is well cared for and healthy, there is little to be concerned about your furbabies' love licks! We all know how pampered and loved Mak is! Bring on the kisses Mak," another fan wrote, supporting the puppy kisses.


This isn't the first time that Gosselin has faced criticism after posting a picture. In December, the reality TV mom was accused of treating her dog, Nanuq, better her son Collin, who was sent away to a special needs treatment facility almost a year ago.