Kate Beckinsale Slams Troll's Inappropriate Banana Remark Following Dancing Video

Kate Beckinsale has proved countless times that she doesn't take negative comments from anyone and has no problem putting critics in their place if need be. In one of her recent posts involving her cat Willow, she took action, once again, against a follower who made an inappropriate, innuendo-filled comment about bananas. In the video, Beckinsale is dancing to "Love In The First Degree" by Bananarama as her cat sits in a banana cat bed on her kitchen island. While several fans posted nothing but loving comments, one in particular caught the actress' attention.

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"Willow fully getting sick of banana related teasing now. Sidebar: performed this in assembly aged 13 with eerily similar audience response," she captioned the video.

According to In Touch the troll replied:" Can you do any other tricks with bananas?" to which Beckinsale assured him saying, "Yes I can throw one really hard and break your glasses."

Her followers loved the snarky reply with one writing "Kapow!" as another echoed, "Well done."

Another fan wrote, "That's the best response I've read in ages. [laugh my f—ing a— off]."

The Underworld actress is known for her sense of humor and is not afraid to let it shine through social media. However, she showed her more emotional side recently following the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. She shared a poem to Instagram that her dad wrote not long before he passed away that read: "It hurts your heart / And softens your soul / When you see a man Die / Long before / Even before / Only before / He's old." In her caption, she posted, "And not just a man either. My dad wrote this not long before he died very young. Love to everyone hurting today x [purple and yellow heart emojis]."

Her father, Richard Beckinsale, made his TV debut in 1969 and went on to star in several television shows, mostly appearing on BBC. While filming the last few episodes of the sitcom Bloomers in 1978, he began to experience dizzy spells, along with at least one black-out. After visiting a doctor that told him he looked perfectly healthy, he continued to get worse, and eventually died in his sleep in March 1979.


"It is such a shock that someone as young and obviously fit as him should die so suddenly," Richard's co-star Frances de la Tour told The Belfast Telegraph. "He used to play a lot of charity soccer. But the terrible thing is that he was a family man. I am most distressed for his family."