Kate Beckinsale Discovers Her Photo’s Being Used to Sell Adult Toys

Just days after Gwyneth Paltrow faced backlash for selling adult toys amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kate Beckinsale has found herself treading similar waters. In a hilarious Instagram post shared with her followers Friday, Beckinsale revealed that she recently discovered that her image was being used to sell adult toys. The actress was quick to clear the air, joking that there is "no end to my entrepreneurial spirit."

"Apparently I've started unknowingly advertising egg shaped sex toys just in time for Easter," she wrote alongside a screenshot of the add. "There's no end to my entrepreneurial spirit on lockdown, it seems. If they are sold out obviously do feel free to experiment with a regular chicken egg."

The post drew plenty of humorous responses from fans, with one person joking, "well that's sent the Easter rabbit packing!" A second person quipped that the company "missed their opportunity to call it Begginsale." Meanwhile, a third person said that the adult toy "may be the only type of egg you can actually get hold of in these times," referencing the current food and other shortages plaguing stores across the country.

Along with shutting down any would-be believers that she's dipping her toes into the adult toy business, Beckinsale has taken on a much more serious note amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although she has shared a number of things that have generated plenty of laughs, she has also for those medical professionals working the frontlines of the pandemic. In a March 28 post, she encouraged her followers to donate to the "Frontline Responders Fund."

"We are sending our first line of fighters, the medical profession, into a deadly war with no protection AND THEY KEEP SHOWING UP," she wrote. "Many are getting sick and are critical, most have families and most are keeping going, resigned to the fact that they will definitely get sick themselves. This is heroism but it should not be at such inevitable personal risk and cost."


"Once the first outbreak happened in Wuhan , not one health care provider contracted the virus as they were all given space suits," she continued. "Ours are lucky to get a mask and an apron to be reused over and over and of course that is woefully inadequate protection which is COSTING LIVES. Please if you can, donate in the link in my bio to protect the people that are protecting us."

Beckinsale included the link to the GoFundMe page in her bio, where it still remains. The page has raised $6.6 million of its $10 million goal. In the United States, there have been more than 558,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with a Johns Hopkins database recording more than 22,000 fatalities.