Kat Von D Discovered Emails That Revealed Her Ex Roughly Cheated on Her With 18 People During Relationship

Kat Von D recently sat down with actress Anna Faris to talk about an array of topics, with the iconic tattoo artist speaking candidly about how one of her exes cheated on her numerous times. In a clip from the podcast shared to Von D's Instagram, the L.A. Ink star stated that when she discovered she was being cheated on, she found a "batch of emails" that revealed there were roughly "18 confirmed people he had sex with" during their relationship.

"IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN CHEATED ON OR HEARTBROKEN, you're gonna wanna listen to @AnnaFaris and I talk about all things LOVE+RELATIONSHIPS on her amazing podcast!" Von D exclaimed in the post's caption.

Faris also opened up about her own experience, saying that she once suspected an ex of cheating, and woke him up in the middle of the night to confront him about it.

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Many of Von D's followers have since commented on the post, with one writing, "I'm so glad you found your person @thekatvond you deserve nothing but love and happiness. Listening to this podcast brought tears to my eyes but happy tears."

"I need to listen to this. Kat you and I are so much alike," another fan offered. "People think I'm crazy going completely celibate for years between few relationships I had and its like so hard to heal when someone betrays your giving heart..... but when I watched your wedding video and heard you guys' love story I cried.. I felt hope. I'm not a hopeless romantic anymore, but I do have hope that this person for me is out there."

"Look at you now! I'm a loving marriage with a loving baby boy!" someone else exclaimed. "Sometimes it takes going through all of that bs to realize real when it's in front of you."

"OMG Kat I love that you said that you and your husband promised to always take care of your relationship first because with out your relationship you wouldn't have the baby! So true and many don't see it that way!" one other fan said.


"I absolutely love how raw you are. You are such a great person in side and out and I wish nothing but bright endeavors and prosperity for your life and your family," a final user wrote. "It warms my heart to see a celebrity be human. It just feels like your fans connect on a personal level with you. I love you and what you stand for continue doing your thing girl!!!!!!!"

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