Kardashian-Jenner Family Reportedly 'Very Mad' Over Jordyn Woods' 'Red Table Talk' Interview

The Kardashian-Jenner clan definitely watched Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk interview, and did not like what they heard.

Woods broke her silence on the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal Friday, days after reports surfaced that their hookup led to the end of his relationship with Khloé Kardashian.

"The Kardashians and their friends are very mad. Jordyn is not telling the truth," a source told Us Weekly. "Jordyn is clearly only out for Jordyn."

While Woods claimed during the television appearance With Jada Pinkett Smith that she asked for Khloé's forgiveness after the NBA star kissed her and she failed to tell her before news broke, the source told the outlet that Woods "has not apologized."

"She still hasn't," the source added. "This doesn't count as an apology."

Kardashian also broke her silence on the scandal, jamming Woods' claims after the interview, tweeting: "Why are you lying [Jordyn Woods]?? If you're going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story."

News first broke on the scandal on Feb. 19 when sources told the press that Woods and Thompson were getting cozy and making out at a Los Angeles house party, but the model claims during the TV interview that he kissed her goodbye at the end of the evening.

Woods added that there was "no passion" and "no tongue" when he kissed her.

"Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him... Never once did we leave the public area [and] go to a bedroom [or] a bathroom," she told Pinkett Smith. "My butt was never on him. My legs were dangling over, so I picked them up and put it onto the bottom of his legs."

Also during the episode of the Facebook Watch series, Woods offered to take a lie detector test to prove to "the people involved" that she is telling the truth about what happened.

"I did as much apologizing as I could do over the phone, over the text. And until I get the opportunity to talk face-to-face, could she really feel, you know, what I was saying? But I reached out and the opportunity is there," Woods said. "I offered as much as I could — a lie detector test, anything, whatever makes you feel better is what I want. But at least they know it's there."


Kardashian received major backlash after she publicly blamed Wood on Twitter, prompting her to also put some of the blame on her ex-boyfriend.

"Tristan is equally to blame but Tristan is the father of my child. Regardless of what he does to me I won't do that to my daughter. He has been addressing this situation PRIVATELY. If Tristan were to lie publicly about what conspired,then yes I would address him publicly as well," she wrote on social media.