Kanye West Still Wants to Host 'SNL'

Kanye West is still adamant about hosting Saturday Night Live, as he has mentioned multiple times in his most recent Twitter spree.

West has been on a bit of a break from social media, but he returned this week with a vengeance. Late on Friday night, he returned to the subject of SNL, where he made a scene back in September with a long, unscripted rant. At the time, West declared that he would be hosting the show by the end of the year. On Friday, he renewed that promise — or, as many fans see it, threat.

"Still waiting to host SNL," he wrote with a ponderous emoji. "Lauren (sic) in the goat. Ye gotta host."

A few minutes later, West tweeted again to correct his typo, writing "Lauren Michaels (sic) is the [greatest of all time,]" though he still misspelled Lorne Michaels' first name again.

"The world needs that Ye SNL," he added with three alien emojis. Many of his fans, disagreed.

"No one wants you to host SNL," one person declared. "No one."

"I can already see the skits beign stopped cause of rants lol," added another person.

West was the musical guest on SNL's season premiere back in September, where he stole the show with a controversial rant just after the broadcast was over. West stalked the stage in a Make America Great Again hat, speaking to his captive audience about the cultural and political divide in America. He asserted that people on the production had tried to talk him out of wearing his hat and showing support for the president — a claim which the show later denied.

The following week, SNL's Pete Davidson spoke about West's rant in a segment on the show, contradicting him a few times and assuring the viewers that everyone in the cast was as stunned as they were.

“Kanye, I know you’re like, ‘Yo, this is the real me, I’m off the meds,’” Davidson said at the time. “Take ‘em! There’s no shame in the medicine game! I’m on ‘em — take them! if I ever got on a plane and the pilot said, ‘I just want you all to know this is the real me flying,’ I’d jump out!"

"Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass," he concluded.


On Saturday, psychiatric medications were at the forefront of West's mind, judging by his tweets. The rapper wrote at length about being "free" from his medications, comparing his current mental state to how he felt while making his seminal album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

"I cannot be on meds and make Watch the Throne level or Dark Fantasy level music," he wrote, adding "You don't make 'Runaway' on medication."