Kanye West Steals the Show During Kardashian 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Celebrity Family Feud returned with its Season 4 premiere on Sunday night with a star-studded cast of Kardashian, Jenner and West family members.

Even though the show featured huge names like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner, the standout for fans watching at home was Kardashian's husband, Kanye West.

West is well-known for his serious demeanor, but the Chicago-native rapper was all smiles onstage.

"Kanye West smile on Celebrity Family Feud is BEAUTIFUL," a fan wrote

"i have NEVER seen [Kanye West] smile so much in my entire life," wrote another.

"Kanye West is playing Family Feud on National TV right now and I am getting my life," tweeted another.

"Why does [Kanye West] look like the happiest child on family feud? This man is grinning from ear to ear," a viewer tweeted.

West started off the game on a high note, getting the top answer on the survey for the question, "Why is Steve Harvey a good kisser?" His answer was lips.

Harvey said in an interview with with Ellen DeGeneres back in April that West is a huge fan of the game show, and that he helped set up the game after the Hilton family canceled their appearance on the show.

"OK here's what happened...they were supposed to come and it was just supposed to be Kris, Kim and the girls, Khloe and the girls," Harvey said. "They were supposed to play against the Paris Hilton family, the Hilton family, so it's the Hiltons against the Kardashians. The Hiltons canceled, so Kanye, who is a big fan of Family Feud said, 'I wanna play, I've always wanted to play.' So he brought his family."


He went on to describe West as the best Feud player he'd ever seen.

"Kanye was the best Family Feud celebrity panelist we've ever had on the show," he continued. "He loves the show. His people said, 'Steve, this is the most Kanye has ever smiled since we've been working...'"