Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her First Kiss Was With a Disney Co-Star

Kaley Cuoco is giving the inside scoop on her first-ever kiss. During a tribute to one of her [...]

Kaley Cuoco is giving the inside scoop on her first-ever kiss. During a tribute to one of her favorite guilty pleasures, The Bachelor, in W Magazine's annual TV Portfolio, The Big Bang Theory alum revealed one of the romantic milestones in her life, revealing that the first guy she ever kissed was a Disney co-star who "was cool" and made her feel comfortable.

"My first kiss was on set. It was actually not on set, but it was while I was shooting with a guy that was shooting with me," said Cuoco, who married husband Karl Cook in 2018. "He took me on a date and he actually kissed me and it was my first one. And it was a Disney movie. Kids got wild on those Disney movies back in the day."

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"I had a big crush on him. He was really cute, actually. He was adorable," she continued. Unfortunately for the mystery man, he got "fired from the movie," Cuoco continued, meaning things didn't end quite as well for him as they did for her: "It ended well for me. I had a great kiss. I didn't get fired. It was great," she said.

When it comes to watching other people's love stories play out on The Bachelor, Cuoco said her favorite lead was Kaitlyn Bristowe, whom The Flight Attendant star called "so cool" and "authentic" in finding what she wanted. "I loved that she was just herself," she continued. "There've been some really classic people in the past that have been on the show, but she really was my favorite. I liked that she had an edge. She cussed, she had sex. I just found her to be like a girl's girl."

When it comes to Bachelor Nation, Cuoco called herself an "avid, die-hard, devoted" fan for as long as she could remember. "In fact, I'm mad that Bachelor in Paradise has not turned into a Big Brother situation, where you can just watch them 24 hours a day. That's what I think they should do," she quipped.