Kaley Cuoco's Final 'Big Bang Theory' Photo Might Be the Best One Yet

In the run-up to The Big Bang Theory series finale on May 16, the cast had been posting photos and [...]

In the run-up to The Big Bang Theory series finale on May 16, the cast had been posting photos and memories from their time on the show to social media, and series star Kaley Cuoco was no exception.

On Thursday, Cuoco shared a series of photos and videos on Instagram, including one clip of the core cast members' final curtain call, which they took in front of the show's elevator set.

Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are already on the sound stage before they're joined by Cuoco, Johnny Galecki and Melissa Rauch, with the group then huddling up as they speak to each other before preparing to address the studio audience.

"What do we say?" Cuoco can be heard asking her castmates. "It's an honor."

"Our final show. Our final huddle. Our final curtain call. @bigbangtheory_cbs," she wrote. "it doesn't get more BTS than this."

A following video saw the cast sitting in the apartment set they'd inhabited for the past 12 years, eating Chinese takeout in classic Big Bang fashion as cameras filmed them as a version of the show's theme song played.

Cuoco captioned the clip with a simple heart.

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She then posted a photo taken of the scene, writing, "This moment will remain with me forever!"

The show's finale saw each character's storyline neatly wrapped up with plenty of opportunity for new beginnings, including a pregnancy for Cuoco's character, Penny.

While fans ultimately never learned Penny's maiden name, Cuoco revealed that she was pleased with the way things wrapped up for her the aspiring actress-turned pharmaceutical rep.

"I'm thrilled with [Penny's] ending, yet beginning," the 33-year-old told Entertainment Tonight.

"There's not anything catastrophic, it's just beautiful," she continued. "And the characters are gonna live on in your minds and in your hearts, and I think that's what is so special about it. It's really touching."

She added to TV Line that she ultimately wasn't upset she never got to learn Penny's last name.

"I kind of love it," Cuoco admitted. "So many things are revealed in the last few episodes; you get a lot of satisfying moments. But I kind of love that [we'll never know her last name]."

Photo Credit: Getty / Valerie Macon