'Big Bang Theory' Actress Kaley Cuoco Can't Stop Crying After Adopting Rabbits

On Sunday equestrian Karl Cook was woken by his fiancee, Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco with a request — that the two go buy some rabbits as pets.

Cook obliged, and the two visited County Animal Services in San Diego where they adopted two fluffy white rabbits. Cuoco was overcome by how cute they were and started crying as she held one. Cook caught the whole thing on video.

"To whom it may concern, when your fiancé wakes up and says, 'I want to adopt some rabbits!' This is the inevitable conclusion," Cook wrote in the caption of the video.

"Shut up babe and stop, we have to take them," Cuoco said in the video. "Look at him. Oh my God! Yep, these are for sure the ones."

Cook later posted a pair of photos to Instagram with the bunnies in Cuoco and Cook's house, showing that they're getting along just fine.

"Well by gollie this rabbit is the best tv watching buddy ever," Cook wrote in the caption of a photo with one rabbit perched next to him on a couch. "I do not know if we could look happier, just relaxing together. I may not have woken up and adopted rabbits, but thank you [Karl Cook] for adopting these two beauties. I love these rabbits and I love you.

(Photo: Instagram/@mrtankcook)

But as every pet owner can attest to, things aren't always easy.

"I am a new rabbit owner but does anyone else feel like your rabbits pee more than they drink and poo more than they eat. These two little pearls poo more than I do, it's unbelievable. They are really cute and I really do enjoy them, but wow!"

(Photo: Instagram/@mrtankcook)

Cuoco was previously engaged to addiction specialist Josh Resnik in 2011, but the two broke things off in 2012. She then got engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013 after three months of dating and were married in December of that year, but then got divorced in September 2015.

She started dating Cook in 2016 and the two got engaged Nov. 30, the same day as Cuoco's birthday.