Justin Timberlake Reportedly 'Avoiding' Co-Star Alisha Wainwright on Set of Their Movie 'Palmer'

While Justin Timberlake and co-star Alisha Wainwright may have been caught holding hands and grabbing at each other during their New Orleans outing not long ago, it's being said that the two are now avoiding each other on the set of Palmer as much as possible unless they have a scene together — which might be difficult as Wainwright's character plays Timberlake's characters' love interest in the film. According to InTouch, Timberlake is also making it a point to call his wife Jessica Biel, who he's been married to since 2012, almost every hour.

"The set of Justin's film is tense. He's avoiding Alicia and she's doing the same," the insider revealed. "They're staying clear of each other unless they have a scene together. Justin's been calling Jessica every hour just to check-in."

Yesterday, the "Sexy Back" singer took to social media to break his silence on the scandal.

"I stay away from gossip as much as I can, but for my family I feel it is important to address recent rumors that are hurting the people I love. A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgement — but let me be clear — nothing happened between me and my costar. I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior. I should have known better," he wrote. "This is not the example I want to set for my son. I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This was not that. I am incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Looking forward to continuing the make this movie and excited for people to see it."

On Nov. 21, Timberlake was seen out with Wainwright and the rest of the cast and crew while partying at a private event at a New Orleans bar. The two were seen getting quite close, from Timberlake holding her hand, to Wainwright stroking his leg and keeping her hand on his thigh. Both photos and videos were taken of the two as the bar looked over Bourbon street, but people associated with the two have stepped forward to say it was nothing more than innocent. Even Wainwright's father spoke out about the incident.


"It's all just speculation," he told the Daily Mail. "She is in New Orleans ding some work, that is all. They are working on a movie together. I have seen it all over the news. I did not make anything of it, really. I am a music producer, so I am used to all the hoopla. this is the business we are in. This is how it goes."