Julia Rose: Age, Instagram and More Details on the Alleged 'Hollyboob' Vandal

Julia Rose is no stranger to brazen and suggestive public acts. Rose recently found herself in [...]

Julia Rose is no stranger to brazen and suggestive public acts. Rose recently found herself in headlines after altering the famed Hollywood sign. Rose owned up on social media to changing the "W" and "D" to "B's" and creating a sign that read, "Hollyboob." This isn't the first time Rose has found herself in the national spotlight. She was one half of the World Series flashers along with Lauren Summer as they exposed their breasts to then-Houston Astros pitcher, Gerrit Cole, as he was delivering a pitch. Rose's latest act saw her taken in by police officers.

So who exactly is Rose and what's behind her public stunts? The 27-year-old has been in the public spotlight for quite some time even before her 2019 World Series controversy. She previously appeared on MTV's Are You The One? where she was one of the more popular contestants as she was linked to Stephen McHugh. The two were later to be determined not a perfect match but continued to be with each other throughout the season. She did find out her perfect match with with Cam Brukcman but the two did not pursue the relationship. As for one relationship that put her in the spotlight, Rose was with Youtube star-turned-boxer, Jake Paul. Their on-again-off-again relationship went through much of 2020 but eventually came to an end for good towards the end of the year.

Her social media accounts feature many photos that show Rose baring it all and leaving little to the imagination of her followers. Claiming she has one of the most reported accounts on the Internet, Rose has a strong following but one that oftentimes sees her account suspended as it currently is following her latest act. Her Twitter account, which remains up, has more than 619K followers. That's where she laid claim to being responsible for the "Hollybood" incident as she shared a photo of herself in front of the famous fixture, "Guys… I finally fixed the Hollywood sign." She also confirmed what she had done in another tweet.

Aside from her public stunts, Rose, who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, also is the founder of ShagMag where she also hosts her own podcast. The site acts as an uncensored with monthly digital issues that compare to the likes of Playboy and Maxim.