Judge Judy Far From Fearsome Court Persona in Rare Outing With Husband

Judge Judy was recently photographed during an afternoon outing and the famed TV judge was far from fearsome as she walked down the sidewalk with her husband. In photos published by The Sun, Judge Judy Sheindlin, 80, and her spouse Jerry, 89, took a stroll through a Bahamas city street, with the beloved TV star swapping her black robe for a casual shirt and jeans combo. Notably, the outlet reports that the adorable couple were visiting the island country to celebrate Sheindlin's birthday.

Sheindlin ended her long-running daytime series in 2021, but returned to the courtroom in a new IMDb TV (now Freevee) series, Judy Justice, in November of the same year. Joining the judicial icon is bailiff Kevin Rasco and court stenographer Whitney Kumar, as well as law clerk Sarah Rose, who is Judge Sheindlin's granddaughter. Notably, the show also reteams Judge Sheindlin with Randy Douthit, her longtime executive producer and director, and her longtime executive producer and director. The three of them previously worked together for more than two decades on Judge Judy, Judge Sheindlin's legendary CBS series. 

The new photos come around two months after Sheindlin earned a big legal victory in a $95 million episode library lawsuit she's been fighting since 2020. According to Deadline, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kristin S. Escalante granted a dismissal motion brought forth by Sheindlin, Big Ticket Pictures and CBS. The suit was filed two years ago by Rebel Entertainment Partners who have been fighting for "interest" in what they claim was a $5 million sale of the show's episodes. "Defendants Big Ticket Pictures, Inc.; CBS Studios, Inc.; CBS Corporation; Judith Sheindlin; and Her Honor, Inc. are entitled to judgment in their favor on all causes of action as fully reflected in the Order," Judge Escalante wrote in her ruling, "which is signed and filed on this date and incorporated herein by reference to the Court file." 


The full ruling can be viewed here. However, Rebal — represented by the law firm of Freedman + Taitelman — has another course of action they intend to seek. "The judge found that despite CBS's consistent denial that a sale of the Judge Judy library had never occurred, CBS's own financial records showed that not to be the case," Attorney Bryan Freedman told Deadline in an exclusive statement. "Given that fact this matter will be decided in the court of appeal. We are confident that the court of appeal will rule in our client's favor."