Joy-Anna Duggar's New Look After Dramatic Makeover Has Social Media Asking 'What Happened'

Joy-Anna Duggar had a big change in appearance overnight on Instagram, and fans were perplexed. Many flooded the comments of her selfie with questions, wondering if this was some clue about the shooting schedule, or a genuine makeover that they witnessed in real time. Duggar had a simple explanation.

Duggar posted a selfie on the Instagram account she shares with her husband, Austin Forsyth on Friday. The picture showed her in a pink hoodie and a navy baseball cap, wide-eyed as she stood against a stucco wall. Duggar explained that they were working late on a secret project that she could not tell fans about just yet.

Many wondered what the secret project was, but one user was preoccupied with her look. The commenter noted that Duggar seemed to have lost her bangs overnight.

"Wait. Didn't you have bangs yesterday? What happened. You looked gorgeous or was it your sister. I'm confused now," they wrote.

Duggar responded to the question, raising the comment up in Instagram's algorithm. Quite simply, her new bangs were tucked up into her hat.

"Yes! I do have bangs, but still getting used to them being in my face..." she wrote with an upside-down smiley face emoji. "My hair was messy anyways so I threw on a hat to keep them outta my face!"

Fans love when Duggar addresses them directly in comments, and this was no exception. Her reply picked up several "likes," as did other replies she posted. One concerned fan asked Duggar to have "the lump checked on your throat," fearing that she had something dangerous brewing on her skin.

"Thanks for your concern, but That's my collar bone!" Duggar wrote with a smiling emoticon.

Many fans hoped that Duggar and her husband were working on their "permanent home," and even speculated that the wall behind her might be their first glimpse of it. The Duggar family is famous for its massive shared property, where Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have one big house surrounded by the dwellings of some of their children. Even in their tight-knit, strictly religious community, many fans hope that 22-year-old Joy-Anna and her husband are ready to strike out on their own.

Meanwhile, the hairstyle change change was revealed on Wednesday in another selfie, where Duggar posed beside her husband in the car. She did not comment on the look at first, instead dedicating the post to Forsyth.


"Don't just marry someone you can live with - Marry someone you cannot live without!" she wrote. "I love you, my mountain Man!"

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