Joseph Quinn Wipes Away Tears as He Listens to Special Message From 'Stranger Things' Fan

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn couldn't hide his emotions after getting a special message from a fan at London Film & Comic Con over the weekend. The actor, 29, was praised by fans for doing his best to connect with them despite alleged poor treatment over what was reportedly an oversold meet and greet.

Attendees reported on social media that Quinn's meet and greet had been oversold by 400 tickets, which led to staff at the event treating the star in a way that was "f-ing disgusting" while they tried to get him through the line. "Staff fully yelled at him to shut the f- up and to just sign and not to interact with fans bc they oversold and couldn't get all people seen," one person claimed. Another added that Quinn, "did his best to make everyone feel they had a moment despite the staff not even stopping the queue to let him have some water." Showmasters Events has yet to respond to allegations about the event. 

The actor, who played Eddie Munson on the latest season of Stranger Things, did get emotional the next day during a Q&A with fans after one admirer thanked him for the way he handled the situation. "I'm sure a lot of us have heard what happened yesterday, whether it's true or not, about how you were treated. I won't really comment on it, but I just wanted to say thank you from all of us," the fan said in a moment captured on video and posted to social media. "We're really grateful that you're sharing your time. Thank you so much. Thank you for signing our things, for spending time with us, and for making our summer."

Quinn was clearly emotional throughout the fan's speech and can be seen wiping tears away from his eyes. "I think that we've all really connected with Eddie for one reason or another, whether we liked his music taste or that he is the outsider. Like you mentioned, I think all of us are part of Eddie," the fan said. "We've all traveled far because we all really connected with you as well."


The fan concluded, "You really made our weekend and you really make mine as well. You were just so nice to me and my guide dog yesterday, and however you were treated yesterday, we are so grateful. Thank you." At the close, Quinn looked moved, wiping his eyes a final time before jokingly asking, "Aw, why'd you do that?"