Jon Gosselin Reportedly Planning 'Perfect Christmas' With Son Collin and Daughter Hannah

Jon Gosselin is hoping to have a special Christmas this year.

The father of eight has been spending a lot of time with son Collin and daughter Hannah, and is reportedly hoping to have them both home with him for the holidays.

Gosselin, who will be facing ex-wife Kate Gosselin in court over custody of their son Collin, was recently spotted shopping for the "perfect Christmas tree" with Collin and Hannah.

The former reality star shared photos of the family outing, which also included his new girlfriend Colleen Conrad and her two children, Jesse and Jordan, to his Instagram.

(Photo: Instagram / Jon Gosselin)

"Found our tree, let the holidays begin!!!!!" Gosselin wrote on the photo last week.

While the custody battle looms, a source told Hollywood Life that Gosselin is hopeful ahead of the holidays and according to a source, is "looking forward to the best Christmas he's had in years, he's in very good spirits."

"Jon has already started decorating the house for Christmas and he's been shopping up a storm for his kids, he wants to make everything perfect for them. Jon is planning to have Collin and Hannah with him for Christmas," the source added. "He's very tight lipped about his custody arrangements and nothing is set in stone yet but Jon is preparing for the outcome he wants and that is to have Collin and Hannah with him for the holidays."

Gosselin filed the legal paperwork to petition the court for full legal and physical custody of his son in early November. He already shares custody of daughter Hannah, with Kate still having full custody of the remaining six kids, not counting Mady and Cara who recently turned 18.

Kate's handling of her son Collin's learning problems have been the subject of controversy date she decided to send him away.

"It was not even really a choice, it was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen," she explained in a past interview. "He's plodding along and we are too. This is the best thing I can do for him right now and that comforts me."


However, a source close to the family previously told press that even though Collin is "very intelligent, his mother sent him to live at the facility due to him always questioning Kate and talking back," which "Kate doesn't like."

Hopefully the legal battle doesn't prove too difficult and the family can be better after the court's decision.