Johnny Depp: Why Is His New Russian Girlfriend Hiding Out?

Russian go-go dancer Polina Glen is laying low amid rumors she's dating Johnny Depp. The 23-year-old is said to be living with the actor, according to Daily Mail. The alleged budding romance between the pair has led to a media frenzy, the outlet reported, and Glen and Depp have had to get creative in how they avoid the prying eyes of the press.

According to the outlet, Glen was recently spotted back in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she's rumored to have been "hiding out in her father's flat." The dancer stepped out on Saturday, and declined to answer questions about her ties to the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Daily Mail reported that reporters were waiting for her outside her father Gennady Glen's home. The 51-year-old reportedly shouted, "Polya run!" upon catching a glimpse of a media person outside the apartment.

Polina is reportedly eager to return to her relatively anonymous life. The Mirror reported that her father has been a major player in her attempts to keep the details of her relationship with Depp quiet. As noted by Daily Mail, he's repeatedly declined to comment on his daughter's life when asked by reporters.

"I will not give an interview without Polina's permission. Her personal life is her own thing. So I cannot tell you about it," he said, according to the British newspaper, when asked about Polina and Depp.

Despite their unwillingness to talk about their romance, speculation is rife that things are getting serious between Glen and Depp. The Mirror alleged that wedding bells could be in the near future for the couple. No further details about their supposed impending nuptials have been made public, however.

Polina and Depp's attempts to keep their relationship out of the spotlight have proven fruitful. Very little is known about their whirlwind romance. The Mirror reported that some believe the couple has been dating since late 2018. They weren't spotted together and officially linked until early this year, however. As Heavy reported, Polina was photographed with Depp in Belgrade, Serbia. In the photo, the actor embraced his girlfriend in the photo.

In an early story linking Polina and Depp, Daily Mail alleged that the two met at a party in Los Angeles. Depp reportedly introduced himself to Polina at the event, and they hit it off immediately.


This is Depp's first serious relationship since his divorce from Amber Heard, who accused him of domestic abuse according to E! Online. He previously opened up about having a hard time with relationships in an interview with Rolling Stone. He admitted that with the accusations against him, finding love hasn't been easy. Depp said his work also made romance complicated.

"Relationships are very difficult," Depp said. "Especially in the racket that I'm in because you're constantly away or they're away and so it's hard."