Johnny Depp Reportedly Attacked Crew Member on Film Set

Actor Johnny Depp reportedly attacked a location manager for his upcoming film, LAbyrinth. The [...]

Actor Johnny Depp reportedly attacked a location manager for his upcoming film, LAbyrinth. The initial report came from Page Six, which claimed Depp attempted to punch the crew member before shouting "I'll give you $100,000 to punch me right now!"

The incident took place when Depp took over directing one of the scenes on a street in downtown Los Angeles. Even though the time the crew had been permitted to film on the closed set had passed, Depp wanted to keep going. This led to conflict.

"The producers kept asking for the time to be extended," a source said.

The location managed then reportedly alerted director Brad Furman about the issue but "Brad interjected, 'Tell that to Johnny Depp!'" the source said.

The location manager then approached Depp, who the source said had been "smoking and drinking all day on set," and became enraged when the manager tried to tell him this was the last shot they could film.

"He was 6 inches away, yelling, 'Who are you? You have no right!'" the source said.

The crew member responded by explaining that he was just doing his job, which prompted Depp to allegedly punch him in the ribs.

The crew member remained unfazed, and Depp was pulled away from the scene.

Furman claimed afterwards that the situation was blown out of proportion.

"Johnny Depp is a consummate professional, great collaborator and a supporter of other artists," he said in a statement. "He always treats the crew and people around him with the utmost respect. Movies can be stressful, and nonevents often become exaggerated. We all love stories — there isn't one here."

Depp's rep reportedly gave no comment.

Back on May 1 Page Six had another report on Depp, this time that two of his former bodyguards were suing the Pirates of the Caribbean actor for unpaid wages and dangerous work conditions.

The two claimed they were often protecting Depp from himself as he put them in "toxic" situations.

"Plaintiffs found themselves in situations that required more than what a bodyguard would be expected to do," which included "constantly used as drivers, driving back and forth at Depp's or his family's beckoning." The duo also claimed they "were asked repeatedly to drive vehicles that contained illegal substances."

LAbyrinth, which is currently in post production, features Depp as a real-life Los Angeles police officer investigating the murder of rapper Biggie Smalls in March 1997.