Johnny Depp Releases Self-Portrait He Created During 'Dark' and 'Confusing' Time

The actor is selling a visceral self-portrait painting for nearly $2,000.

Johnny Depp has released a self-portrait that he created during a "dark" and "confusing" time in his life. The painting features a close-up of Depp's face with strokes of red around the eyes, mouth, and ears. It is available to purchase from Castle Fine Art and goes for nearly $2,000 unframed. The artwork will be on sale for one more week.

A description of the painting reads in part: "Traditionally being seen as the form in which many artists have come to be remembered by, self-portraits offer insights not only into the artist's life, surroundings and artistic ideas but also into their state of mind. When creating a self-portrait, the artist represents his psychological features as well as his emotions, bringing out a feeling that allows the viewer to see the subject's character. The feeling the art expresses gains a new meaning, acting as a mirror, and a window to give thought to our own mental health and the health of those around us."

Castle also revealed, "In turn, for every print sold, $200 will go directly to Mental Health America, a leading community-based non-profit charity dedicated to the promotion of mental health, well-being and illness prevention. An organisation which Johnny describes as "a wonderful facility and an extremely deserving cause; they do a lot of great work there." Depp is also quoted as saying, "If the piece resonates with even just one person, this art has purpose."

The past year has been a big one for Depp. In June 2022 he won his defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard and was awarded millions, which he later settled out-of-court over. Depp also signed a major deal with Dior, released an album with his late friend — and rock music icon — Jeff Beck, and set out on a tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires.

On top of his busy year, Depp also debuted a new movie at the Cannes film festival. It was a big hit with the screening audience, leading to the actor being given a standing ovation after a screening. The Wrap reported that following the Cannes premiere of Jeanne du Barry, the crowd applauded Depp for what some have said was seven minutes, but may have been less. The response was clearly moving for the star, who began to tear up as the audience showered his film with praise.