John Stamos Cries on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' While Talking About Son Billy: 'I Miss Him'

Dad of the year? John Stamos was moved to tears this week while taking about his and wife Caitlin [...]

Dad of the year? John Stamos was moved to tears this week while taking about his and wife Caitlin McHugh's 6-month-old son Billy.

He told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Thursday that being away from his son for work is tougher than he thought it would be.

"I miss him," the 55-year-old said with a shaky voice through tears on Live with Kelly and Ryan. "This is the longest I've been away from him."

"John! I'm sorry!" Ripa said, handing him a box of tissues.

"I've been waiting my whole life for [fatherhood]," he replied, laughing as he accepted a few tissues. "I'm so happy, I'm so happy."

He quickly changed the subject to Ripa's three children, who she said are "past that age" and who make her cry "for different reasons."

Stamos is enjoying fatherhood so much that he and McHugh, 32, are already trying for baby No. 2 — sort of.

"We're trying but the kid's like, a C-block — can I say that?" he joked.

"I said, 'What's the rush?' She said, 'Well, you're old.' She said, 'I'm doing it for you!'" Stamos recounted. "The other day — and I'm not making this story up — she calls [and she's like], 'I'm ovulating!' When they're ovulating, boom, you gotta get there."

He said Billy was asleep when he got the call, but he had woken up by the time he got home. "So I come home and of course [Billy's wide awake]," he said. "So I put him in the kitchen — left the door open, we have a little bassinet in there — and we go in, we start trying to do it fast."

But that didn't last long, Stamos explained. "We start hearing this noise — [screeching noise] — he's squeaking ... he screeches."

"Like [Screech] from Saved by the Bell?" Seacrest asked.

"Well, that kind of ruined the mood," Stamos said, adding that Billy had one more play: "We were so close and then he's got this elephant and he's learned how to press it and the elephant's like, [singing], 'Do your ears hang low?'"

Billy has been a big conversation topic for Stamos as of late; but he recently said he's reluctant to share photos of his little one due to relentless dad-shaming that he's seen the few times she's shared photos of the infant.

(Photo: Instagram @johnstamos)

"I've only put him on [social media] barely once, on mine, and I got so baby shamed about how I was holding him or whatever I said, 'That's it!'" Stamos told Entertainment Tonight. "[You] want to share your happiness with the world. But you know there's a lot of critics out there."

He added that he and McHugh want to wait until Billy is "old enough to decide" for himself what he wants to share on social media.