Jodie Sweetin Hits Back at Ex's Child Support Claims, Reveals How Much She Really Makes for 'Fuller House'

Jodie Sweetin just laid all her cards on the table in her ongoing child support battle with ex-husband Marty Coyle. Coyle petitioned a judge to force Sweetin to pay more money for the care of their child, claiming that the Fuller House star makes $700,000 per year. In response, Sweetin filed an income and expense report, detailing all of her finances in court documents.

The report shows that Sweetin was averaging a monthly income of $43,614. In 2016, her total income was $470,331. It may seem like a lot to the average man or woman on the street, but it's certainly a far cry from Coyle's estimate.

The report also detailed Sweetin's expenses — an eye-opening look into the lifestyle of the actress behind Stephanie Tanner. Sweetin reported spending $5,500 per month on rent. She said that she spent $1,500 on eating out each month, and about a thousand dollars on "entertainment and vaction." Another thousand dollars goes into clothes each month. On top of all her estimated expenses, Sweetin pays $2,000 per month to Coyle for child support.

Sweetin's monthly spending totaled up at $15,262, leaving $28,352 unaccounted for.

She also listed some of her assets — including $139,456.25 in a business account, and $9,449 in other accounts. She had a small amount of credit card debt listed as well — under three thousand dollars.


The judge has yet to rule on Coyle's plea for more child support.

The second half of Fuller House's third season is set to drop next month, just before Christmas. The show is going strong, with a passionate, outspoken audience. There's no reason not to assume that Netflix will greenlight further seasons of the sitcom sequel.