Joanna Gaines Will Reportedly Star in New Cooking Show on Magnolia Network

Joanna Gaines without Chip Gaines? That doesn't seem right! Don't worry though, they are still happily married and cute as ever, but Gaines will be hosting a show without her hilarious sidekick. Between her best-selling books, being a mom to five beautiful children and growing the Magnolia market, she's adding a cooking show to her plate. The former Fixer Upper host paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when she broke the news to fans.

"I don't want to tell you how to do your network," Fallon said as he laughed. "But I would do a cooking show if I were you."

Gaines agreed with the popular host then responded with, "I like that idea, Jimmy. We're doing on. Yes. We're gonna do it!"

Just one day prior, she announced in a video preview her Magnolia Table, Volume 2 cookbook, which is anticipated to hit shelves in April 2020, saying, "My hope with this cookbook is that it really encourages and inspires people to experiment in their kitchen and to get after it. For me I've failed multiple times but in those failings, I've learned so much and it just kept me coming back. I never wanted to quit."

Gaines also discussed with Fallon the work that the couple's network has required, admitting it was a little more than they anticipated but find it to be well worth it.

"It's a lot of work, but we're knee-deep in it right now, and I think what we love is just the idea of just finding amazing stories, people who are passionate about what they do, whether it's cooking, design, business," the mom of five said. "We're excited. this is a lot of fun and a lot of work."

Since the couple walked away from HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper, they took some time to focus on their marriage, their kids and their life as a whole without the television cameras around. Chip recently admitted that he wouldn't mind having more kids with his wife, although she didn't sound as eager to jump on that train.

"When you were just saying all those things, my heart just burst open," Chip said of his wife in a clip when she was talking about parenting. "Like, I could see Crew having a little sibling and me being like, 'I love this woman!'"

She hilariously responded with, "When I'm 50, Chip's going to want more kids. Just know, this is going to be the headline forever, 'Jo's pregnant again,'" before adding, "there's never too many."


She continued with, "He's like, 'I just think we can keep having them.' I think Chip just loves a full plate."

The couple now has their plate full with all of their new projects and fans are patiently waiting to see more of what this pair brings to the TV screen.